The Posters of Relativity Media

Relativity Media is a curious entertainment company.

I don't know too much about their internals just yet. But I noticed an article on them in Variety. They're a currently struggling movie company out in Hollywood responsible for quite a few major movies we've all heard of. 

According to Wikipedia, Relativity Media is "the third largest mini-major globally until bankruptcy on July 30, 2015. Its full-scale film studio acquires, develops, produces and distributes films. The company's partners and financial institutions have invested $20 billion as of 2012 in entertainment investments with partners such as Citibank, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank and others."

As an addendum, I've added some of their posters to look at as you read this very interesting (and curious!) excerpt buried in the article.

Will do more research on Relativity in the near future.

Many of their posters have an interesting pattern.

See if you can spot them ;-)

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