Hate Speech is Not Free Speech

Hate Speech is Not Free Speech

People like Milo WHATEVERTHEFUCKOPOLIS like to hide behind a false premise of "free speech" while they spread their vile messages of violent mass action toward particular persecuted groups.

That's because the right-wing media does not personify a concrete worldview.

Their worldview is simply hatred for those unlike them in the pursuit of their self gain.

If that means laughing at people one day for demanding fair or equal treatment ("time to toughen up, snowflakes") - then the very next day crying because they felt slighted of their entitled right to spread hate propaganda... so be it! The political force of Breitbart, Alex Jones, Donald Trump, Milo Whateverthefuckopolis (he's not worth Googling) is ever adaptable, flexible, depending on the current situation.

That's because they are not a unifying worldview.

They see themselves at war with the world.

Their goal is the preservation and proliferation of their OWN power - and they're willing to make it happen, no matter what it takes, no matter who stands in their way.

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Milo, Bannon, Trump...

They want to reshape the world in their image.

Simply for the expansion of their own power.

Not for you. Not for me.

At least Hitler created a new political language.

At least Marx wrote some influential books.

At the moment, the Trump Crew offers nothing except misdirection. They must never be allowed to proceed any further than this. Once they dominate the propaganda landscape (through a terrifying centralization of the media scenario) - it's game over, Amerika.

This is the fight of our life times.

The belief in an authoritarian dictatorship is an aberration of civil society.

It's a glitch: the instinctual monkey self bubbles up in the ideas of seductive fascism.

Ahhhh, top-down hierarchy.

Ahhhh, tribal explanations of things.

Ahhhh, pretty pictures for my eyeballs.

It's easy to fall asleep into the dark spell of fascism.

But in the end, the nation that allows it always gets destroyed... and is never the same again.

This is why we crush authoritarian movements early on.

Is hate speech free speech? Unfortunately, it is. But there's too much going on right now. Too many people are being hurt. It's as if we're drifting into a global darkness. 

Stand up for your friends, stand up to your family (if necessary). It's only a matter of time before somebody is killed by heightened rhetoric. What is going on?

A Quick Word on Dehumanization

If you see any propaganda, any talking points, that attempt to dehumanize ANYBODY, stand up to it ASAP. Do not let America be seduced by the horrors of dehumanization. Dehumanization propaganda is technically protected under free speech as well... but it a woeful sign of national terror on the horizon.

And when the bombs stop dropping, or the riots cease, or the people are freed from camps, those who were responsible for spreading dehumanizing propaganda of Americans - or anybody else! - they would be held to justice for all the world to see. Mark my words.

There's a big legal precedent for this.

Ever heard of The Nuremberg Trials?

Google Julius Streicher to see the final point of somebody marching around spouting hate speech while cowardly hiding under the umbrella of free speech. Own what you spiel.

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