Ahhhh Propaganda. 

Steve Bannon studied his Nazi Germany. Take for Example...

The way Trump supporters freaked out over the "littering" at the Women's March. LOLOLOL

For all the noise that leftists make about respecting the environment, they sure leave that behind when it comes to targeting their enemies.
— Women’s March Leaves Behind Piles of Trash, Daily Wire
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These images of 2 crowds that made a dictatorship appear impotent; both required a weaponized reinterpretation for domestic & international eyes, by turning the prejudice & hatred of the core radical base to be directed against the population gathered...


Check it:

So in 1939 Germany was experiencing mass food shortage because...

Well, Nazis were running the government.

So they rationed the food during World War 2 to preference the army, elites, and the favored ethnic citizens. (I hope we still agree Nazi Germany started World War 2...)

So, massive food shortage in 1939 Germany. And thus, massive food lines.

But this made Nazi Germany look like a failing state domestically & internationally.

So, what did they do?

Goebbels tried to convince people the food lines were coffee lines.

That's right.

Goebbels tried convincing the world that the pictures of people waiting hours for food was actually a bunch of intellectuals who do nothing but "talk and bitch" (exact quote). They are, according to Goebbels, "a ridiculous minority, but they are in the position to damage our people's good name. And it is always the same people."

America is currently playing by Nazi rules.

Here's an excerpt from a 1939 newspaper article written by the Propaganda Minister:

"A few weeks ago, the hostile foreign press ran pictures of lines of these coffee drinkers and their friends outside of the shops. The hostile press naturally did not say they were waiting for coffee, but rather claimed they were waiting for potatoes or bread and spread to the world fables that famine had broken out in Germany.

We old National Socialists pay no attention to people who talk and bitch like that. We cannot ignore the fact, however, that these coffee drinkers are using a ridiculous shortage of coffee, that decent people do not worry about in the least, to stand in line outside the shops as if famine had broken out in Germany. That is distressing and dreadful, and we do not want to see such pictures in the future.

We have seen to it that these coffee lines have vanished from German cities. Decent people when coffee is in short supply - as it is today - either reduce their consumption or stop drinking it entirely. The coffee drinkers can wait until there is once again enough coffee. Then they can return to their coffee parties and say things like, 'Well, Frau Meyer, what do you think about that? Things are pretty bad, they are pretty bad!'"

Notice the phrase "hostile press."

Sound familiar?

How do you think they made those food lines vanish?

Have you wondered if you're on the right side of history?

How bad do things need to get before you act?


How Breitbart Could Lead to Ethnic Genocide in America

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