The Day Hate Won 2016


By Isaac Babel

Tuesday, November 8th 2016:

Election Day here in America.

As millions of people voted for the former Secretary of State, Senator, and First Lady, Hillary Clinton - OR – for Celebrity Real-Estate Billionaire, Donald Trump … to become the next President of the United States…

The New York Times projected Clinton with a 93% chance of winning. She scheduled a victory fireworks display over the Hudson River.

The whole world’s eyes were on America.

Our undercover camera crew went out to ask voters what they thought about shoo-in Clinton or crazy-man Trump.

The first person we interviewed was actually moving out of the country that day... because of the election…

But perhaps he was just being dramatic. So we continued.

Luckily, we stumbled on Trump voters. They certainly looked like they were having fun. What’s wrong with that?

The media reported for months Trump that was an unelectable lunatic.

And Clinton, as the first female president, was celebrated as the guaranteed winner.  

But everybody was saying different.

We were beginning to wonder if we were just in a weird part of town...

By mid-day it was clear that history was moving strongly in Trump’s direction.

Some people seemed captivated by his dark and oppressive charisma…

Even though he was a reality TV show actor with NO political or military experience…

Or his open embrace for nuclear warfare… foreign dictators… racial theories…

Trump supporters did not care.

Because, they believed, he spoke for them.

So they campaigned with great energy.

And said they were doing it for America.

Hillary voters, on the other hand, appeared complacent.

What attracted his devoted following?

We slipped into Trump headquarters to learn more…

The electoral map was expected to light up blue as the night continued – and a defeated Trump would crawl back into his tower, never to be seen again.

But for some reason that wasn’t happening.

Hillary Clinton canceled her fireworks display.

Trump was winning state after state.

And America was having a panic attack.

At this point we were astonished that many people would vote for him.

Yet Trump supporters still didn’t believe winning was really possible …

319 million people lived in the United States.

232 million were registered to vote.

62 Million people voted for Donald Trump.

And 65 million people voted for Hillary Clinton.

95 million people did not vote.

But... 71 Million people DID watch the election on TV.

And on social media, Clinton and Trump amassed a total following of 48 million people across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Their posts attracted half a billion likes, comments, shares, retweets, and reactions.

And most of them went to Trump.

Because he channeled the rage of voters in exchange for their attention – and it worked.

Rage is, after all, the most viral emotion.

But in the process Trump unleashed violent and unstoppable forces.

Donald Trump was elected as an act of vengeance.

And his most radical followers, now emboldened by their newly elected leader, turned his words into deeds the very next day

When hate crimes spiked across the country.

The obscure mental baggage, the bizarre political notions, which constitute a kind of under vegetation in American culture, suddenly was seeing the light of day with Trump.

He altered the attitudes of the masses by weaponizing hatred into a political force.

And while some did celebrate Trump’s impossible victory…

The majority of the world woke up that morning with one thought:

Can he be stopped from transforming his absurd ideology into a hellish reality?

Or will November 9th 2016 go down in history as… The Day Hate Won?

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