Inherent Vice (2014)

Inherent Vice (2014)

I just love this movie. It's the only film this century I feel was made "ahead of its time." If you want to experience a dreamy, poetic metaphor of the Trump Era — it's Inherent Vice.

It requires 3 viewings though.

The first one is like: WTF???? The second one with subtitles, so you're like: Oooooooohhhhh. Then the third shortly after, without subtitles, so you're like: "...brilliant."


The ending could be a tad snappier (just a tad. An epic landscape shot of them driving off into the fog would suffice. Just some *snap*); but the entire flick is prophetic brilliant. It is the movie it is, and it's lovable just the way it is.

Like if Terrence Malick made a loosey-goosey detective movie with American conspiracies, anti-fascism, and cosmic fate wrapping it.

This movie is 100% a comedy. It’s been seen as if it were a comedy so dry it’s almost a boring drama. But it’s not. Hiding in the cracks is a galaxy of wit. If the movie is dense & impenetrable, it’s at the dimension of its comedy. Once you see the comic dimension, Inherent Vice flowers.

It's also a massage for my brain in the era that we're in — it's about an eccentric real estate mogul going rogue, being guarded by the government and Nazis, etc.


There's a vast right-wing conspiracy that the guy can't wrap his head around, nobody really knows what's going on...

Meanwhile, the detective was already in the middle of his own daze before this bigger daze got thrown on his lap. This is the daze of "life" — our own lives & passions in general — before getting tossed into the dramatic storm of history.

So it's like — fog within a fog, dream within a dream, movie within a movie, kinda thing.

Part of the movie is that nobody knows what's going on either, but they're all trying to make sense of it: which is a bit like watching the movie itself.

I dunno, man. I've seen this movie like 10 times already. It's like candy for my brain.

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