The Role of Influential Artists in the 2016 Election

Hey all you social media "influencers" with 5k+ followers.

Celebrity for celebrity's sake is no longer sexy.

(Way to use the Internet, Harambe).

While you were tweeting about your bowel movements or your 'hilarious' apolitical ethnic caricatures or making obnoxious cynical art people watch only because they want your grant money -

While you were busy making bullshit to sell your sponsor's fuck-alls, the alt-right created a strong cultural movement right under your dancing disconnected VR vaporwave noses.

Who knows how your 5k+ could've rippled across society.

But it doesn't matter anymore. It's too late for you. Your time is up.

Because it's time to get fucking radical.

I am vehemently against oppression of any race, gender, or nationality. He who attempts to enslave me thereby puts himself into a state of war with me.

And if I see the same happen to you, I will stand up for you.

This will be my focus for the next 4 years.

The creation of media is the most important activity of our species.

Today more than ever.

Go out there and influence people.

Escapism isn't Apolitical.

Regret in Documentary Filmmaking