Depression as a Filmmaker

Depression as a Filmmaker

Maybe you're like me: a melancholic filmmaker. 

I can't get over it. The cloud always feels over my head.

What I've learned as I get older is that the cloud is just a FEELING, and feelings can be altered through the power of the mind.

But some days, it doesn't seem possible. That's the depression.

And with artistry - specifically filmmaking - there's all these extra things to fuel the depression:

Not succeeding when you thought you would.

Having to pass up various opportunities for reasons outside of your control.

Watching your contemporaries succeed, especially when they're of lesser quality.

The state of contemporary media.

Seeing technologies / platforms you once derided take off & make careers for other people.

The ability to get work in the industry.

Seeing the thing you spent your life getting good at go out of fashion.

etc etc etc

How does somebody go on when they're the statistical average in terms of socio-economic opportunity? MOST people don't succeed. But they're forced to face their own shortcomings by a media landscape that dangles the anomalous success of other people. I don't know.

It's tough. It's tough when you feel like you have all this expression inside of you, but it's... like... wounded. Like the dream inside of you has a gunshot wound pouring out copious blood.

What to do? 

Probably looking directly at your shortcomings (both inside & outside of your control).

Usually, the things everybody shares in common that's within their control is their body & mind. That's a good place to start.

The rest is... is... ::sigh::

I don't even know, man...

::stares at the window, sighing again::

You tell me. What's up?

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