What is Post-Truth?

The dictionary announced the word of the year is "post-truth."

(Is that even a word? Sounds more like a phrase...)

"Post-truth" doesn't mean truth doesn't exist.

It means personal belief, and emotions dominated 2016.

And that's because the OLD TRUTHS no longer stick.

Nobody believes in them anymore.

We're losing faith in the system: politics, mass media, economy, science.

(But not all systems. Nobody is questioning plumbing, architecture, or photosynthesis...).

People want a new Vision.

They want new symbols.

This is happening all around the world. Because of this instability in global ideologies, many people are exploring, following their hearts over establishment "facts." 

Civilization is currently (re)discovering itself - like a teenager.

Because there's something obviously unsatisfying and destructive in our current society.

Everybody secretly knows, "There must be more to life!"

So they're tuning out. In herds.


New visions.

New leaders.

New movements.

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