Should Lav Mics Be Hidden?

I don't care if a lav mic is visible.

Some people really freak out about it.

I mean, obviously it's appropriate sometimes (fiction, etc).

But some people - the same who freak out about it - claim they can't watch anything on TV where lav mics are visible. They get so OCD when they see a lav mic that it kicks them out of the viewing experience.

I guess if that's the experience of some people then it should probably be considered:

Will you be alienating your audience if you make the mics visible?

Kind of a small silly question... yet kind of important.

I'm not sure what "demographic" is the one annoyed by visible lav mics...

It's probably fair to say visible lav mics are okay with more underground, artsy, "hipster", edgy, counter-cultural, intellectual folks. And possibly even for really mainstream audiences also (like people who watch The Tonight Show) since technical things elude them.

So who does that leave?

I have no idea, really.

You be the judge.

Edgier peeps are probably cool with visible lav mic because it makes the movie slightly more interesting, by revealing the production process. 

Meta-formal flourishes tickle particular minds.

And anyway, I'd rather see a great movie with a visible lav microphone than an alright movie where all the mics are perfectly hidden.

But that's why we make movies in the first place: to do things the way we feel they should be done.

The Job of an Artist

Faust (1926)