Florida Has a Slavery Problem

Florida Has a Slavery Problem

The mid-term elections just finished in Florida. And it’s a disgusting sight.

DeSantis & Scott are both on their way to becoming the respective governor & senator of Florida — once again proving Floridians are more than happy to vote their interests away in the name of deeply-embedded racism.

I believe it’s fair to say all Republicans are racist.

This is a matter of business & not opinion.

When a conglomerate acquires a company, does it not look into the origins of the acquired company, the nature of its current expenditures, the function of the corporate structure? And don’t they re-structure the company & re-allocate expenditures in order to create a new profitable enterprise? (Or just sell the company for pieces & retire? Lol)

How come Republicans don’t look at America like a business they just acquired?
(Perhaps they are, but just the “selling it for pieces” angle!)

How would a typical Republican feel if they acquired a business, saw that the finances were hurting the business overall, restructured the economics of the business, but then one of the managers came up to them & said: “Hey buddy! I don’t like what you’re doing. You’re taking money out of my pocket. I am the business! I’m a job creator! If I go down, the whole business goes down!”

I know what a typical venture capitalist would do. They’d say, “Fuck you” and continue doing what needs to be done. This isn’t about an individual manager. This is about the corporation.

In this scenario, Republicans are the managers & Democratic-Socialists are the venture capitalists. Democrats see that we have a serious social crisis developing. Democrats see the entire business needs to be restructured. The only solution is to re-organize the economy to benefit every American citizen, not just the top 1%.

But right now we have 1% of this corporation refusing to allow the financial restructuring for the benefit of the group. They are only thinking only about themselves. This kind of irrational schizophrenia will lead to disaster — for all of us.

Republicans need to step out of the way of governance. They need to stop cheating in elections. Nothing bad is going to happen to them if they stopped cheating in elections & lying to the American people to enact an INSANE white supremacy coup.

America will prosper under a socialized planned economy. Everybody will benefit. But they refuse to step aside, instead of accumulating an ill-gotten disproportionate power & control which has tipped America’s electoral representation into a farce.

This is why all Republicans are racist.

The way Republicans are forcing The American Corporation to spend its finances to deliberately disadvantage poor people & minorities will only bring destruction to this country in the long run as debts rise, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and faith in the system erodes. Democracy will not survive that process.

And Republicans will make up whatever bullshit to defend their actions (“family values” “meritocracy” “God”) but these arguments always fall apart once they no longer agree with their own agenda of more power & control for the rich white supremacists.

Even if you’re not a rich Republican, your vote maintains mass human suffering in America. The numbers are there: sea-level rise, education debt, housing crisis, mass unemployment, mass drug addictions, mass suicides, mass crime, endless wars.

Republicans overwhelmingly created these social conflicts. And they make no effort to fix them — content with reminding you they are “The Party of Lincoln” (a lie) and leaving their virtues there.

You can not nitpick an issue like “abortion” or “lower taxes” and ignore the mass suffering the Republican Party is responsible for.

Even people under the Nazi regime justified the benefits they received for turning a blind eye to the holocaust.

America, right now, is sick to benefit a few people. And those few people love lying to their voters most of all. Nothing of earthly substance is getting done.

Republicans are not a political party of democratic principles or values — they are an elitist white supremacist movement. For this scary reason, I fear they’ll never step aside.

Last night, 10+ million more people voted for Democrats than Republicans. And yet, Democrats lost seats in the Senate, and Republicans picked up a few seats in the Senate. How? The system is broken. Or: It’s designed exactly as it’s meant: To protect elite white supremacy.

Florida (all of America, but let’s just talk Florida) — FLORIDA has a slavery problem.

The way the civic system is established in Florida prejudices racial & gender minorities while at the same time bolstering the economic dominance of a minority class of land owners. This is why the scene is so schizophrenic in Florida.

Our law enforcement, political system, and cultural demographics reflect this.

Let’s talk cultural demographics real quick. Take a look at the 2018 governor’s election map, and the 1860 slave distribution map below. See if you spot any patterns.

The areas of Florida with the highest concentration of slaves are today the reddest Republican counties. Gee, what a weird coincidence for the party of Lincoln…

A quick history: During the Civil War, Florida was deeply Confederate. In fact, Florida was one of the founding members of the Confederacy.

The state government of Florida, in 1861, even drafted a statement of intent as to why they were leaving the United States, and boy is it a spooky mystic-blood-race read:

A President has recently been elected, an obscure and illiterate man without experience in public affairs or any general reputation mainly if not exclusively on account of a settled and often proclaimed hostility to our institutions and a fixed purpose to abolish them. It is denied that it is the purpose of the party soon to enter into the possession of the powers of the Federal Government to abolish slavery by any direct legislative act.

This has never been charged by any one. But it has been announced by all the leading men and presses of the party that the ultimate accomplishment of this result is its settled purpose and great central principle… Nothing is more certain than this and at no distant day.

What must be the condition of the slaves themselves when their number becomes so large that their labor will be of no value to their owners. Their natural tendency every where shown where the race has existed to idleness vagrancy and crime increased by an inability to procure subsistence. Can any thing be more impudently false than the pretense that this state of things is to be brought about from considerations of humanity to the slaves?

It is in so many words saying to you we will not burn you at the stake but we will torture you to death by a slow fire. We will not confiscate your property and consign you to a residence and equality with the African but that destiny certainly awaits your children – and you must quietly submit or we will force you to submission – men who can hesitate to resist such aggression are slaves already and deserve their destiny."

Holy shit that is some intense white supremacy. And that was drafted as the official declaration of Florida’s secession into the Confederacy.

Florida had the smallest population of the Confederates — and half of that population was slaves. YES, HALF OF THE POPULATION OF FLORIDA WAS SLAVES.

What Florida could not provide in raw numbers of fighting age males, it could provide in strategic importance. Florida was a vital resource to keeping the Confederacy going — acting like its life-blood battery pack: providing food for the regime & supporting their blockades, using Florida’s crazy coastline to make everything harder for the Union.

Many large swaths of Florida were uninhabitable.

If you look at the Florida Slave Map, you can see that there’s parts of the map that are empty. Those aren’t the “good” parts of Florida so much as they were uninhabitable.

Industrialist Henry Flagler would later create a population boom in South Florida, connecting it to the rest of the country via railroad (notably consisting of wealthy Northern vacationers and the minorities who built the Miami railroad boom).

Other than the parts people could not exist in comfortably, every other part of Florida was deeply Confederate & slave-owning.

This makes sense to me now that I think about it. I went to film school in Central Florida, and noticed many counties named after Confederate soldiers. I never put 2 & 2 together, assuming that they just loved their racism in Central Florida… or something. But now I see this is tied to a deeply historical process: Florida was Confederate.

Florida was SO confederate that the 5th governor of Florida shot himself in the head when the United States won the Civil War. I mean… That’s pretty fucking Confederate.

Before he killed himself, Governor John Milton was quoted as saying Federal officials intended to reduce the state to “a waste, a howling wilderness, colonized with negroes.”

As far as I can tell, the only populated area of Florida that was not infested with the slavery of the Confederacy, was enforced by military edict of the United States, thanks to the presence of Fort Jefferson and Fort Zachary Taylor, in...


KEY WEST! LOL. Another win for the Keys.

Republican, Democrat… Call it over what you want. Look at the maps.

There’s no coincidence that the counties that functioned primarily as slave plantations are today deeply conservative-Republican-racist…

Whereas the counties which were inhabited by vacationing Northern elites & immigrants turned out to reflect a much more progressive impulse.

It’s about the culture of the people in those environments. They persist today.

The culture of West, Central, & Northern Florida was primarily of rich land-baron slave-plantation owners… with their purchased slaves. And most of the population of Florida was in these regions, until Flagler’s railroad rolled in.

But at the moment the 14th Amendment was enshrined into the United States Constitution, the overall population of Florida was about split —

50% Slave Owners. 50% Slaves.

That’s a huge, inescapable aspect of Florida. It needs to be discussed & changed.

A quick side note — It saddens me that it took an amendment to the Constitution to free slaves. An amendment. I’m happy it’s there and believe we need more amendments to the Constitution to make America a truly egalitarian nation…

But the word amendment implies a fix; to mend. It is not foundational. It is not original to this country. It’s not what we fought a revolution for. It was after the revolution.

The true foundation of the United States (& Florida) is the dream that any elite white supremacist can make a name for himself without the need for royal approval.

It’s like America is a house with a rotting foundation which began to sag the house into a right-ward collapse… And a giant log was placed next to the house, to keep it balanced, so the house won’t collapse.

The 13th Amendment is a wonderful thing: but it also highlights the cruelty of the American system; and it does not get to the heart of solving America’s original sins.

These original sins are not an intellectual nor moral issue.

The consequences of our unaddressed history plays out out on the streets everyday — when black people are disproportionately murdered by the police; when minorities are disproportionately shuttled into private prisons for an entire lifetime (and into involuntary servitude); in the widening economic gap between the rich & the poor; and across every action in the judicial, executive, and legislative branch.

In many ways, it seems like the slave owners are still in power.

They act out their white supremacy through the texture of our laws: creating school to prison pipelines for minorities — then working these prison slaves their entire lives.

They cheat & redistrict voting areas based on racial demographics, to relocate power from the majority of diverse people into the hands of a few rich white people.

If somehow a slave leaves prison, society is set up to make sure they end up back there.

People are dying and suffering because of the way the table began so tilted. These injustices strike at the heart of what we’re told America is supposed to be about.

It’s said the American Revolution was fought on behalf of freedom & liberty for all who wished to journey there and build a better life. More than a few hundred years later and that does not appear to be the case. In fact, the modern Republican party wants to put an end to that entirely. Autonomy of destiny is definitely an aspect of America. But it’s not the dominant purpose for its existence.

If you examine the function of America across time & today, you see a different story:

The American Revolution was about eliminating dynastic blood lines from the utmost of elite white supremacist power hierarchies.

These guys may have meant better than the British monarchy, but they were in it for themselves. A network of highly influential & rich people no longer wanted to ask for permission from a King or Queen in order to do whatever the fuck they want. And they sculpted their vision of society through disgraceful colonial actions. How a country revolutions for liberty yet ends up with slavery’s beyond me.

All this stuff about liberty was an illusion that applied only to the founders. It was war-time propaganda. Everybody else was exploited: a slave or slaughtered.

Why the exploitation? Because white supremacy is inherent in European colonization.

However, there’s a funny thing about illusions…

Illusions sneak inside the brain & work on the unconscious of everybody who comes in contact with it. In America’s case, our illusion is freedom & equality.

People born in this country, citizens of all races, — thanks to the 14th Amendment — are fed the lie they are free & can do anything with their lives (so long as they don’t question why the table is so titled against their favor).

Lies have a funny way of spreading.

With time people believe in the lie. People question why this lie isn’t truly so: They don’t see this liberty played out equally, fairly, on the streets. All the data seems to show a certain kind of slant in the way justice is served.

People after a while start thinking — Hey! What gives?? I thought we were equal!

And so with that seed of illusion may lie the hope of change.

The illusion of freedom & equality may be the spark that one day knocks down the failing, rusted foundations of America (the exploitation of minorities in service to elite white supremacists) and replaces it with the genuine substance of the illusion:

that all men & women are created equal.

Perhaps. Maybe.

Major economists signal that a planned economy is necessary to genuinely enact such change. Tax cuts for the rich won’t get us there. Platitudes won’t do it.

The United States leads the world in the least amount of money spent on social services. We are a welfare state — just not for the majority of people who are suffering. No. The little money we are forced to earn to simply stay alive gets funneled up to make the life of the luxury class more luxurious.

Until Florida (& America) confronts its slavery problem, it will go the way of Rome:

Democracy will crumble into a hand of brutal emperors until the nation is finally dissolved.

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