Seizing Opportunities: Now vs. Later

Life Lesson #33165

If you postpone an opportunity under the assumption you'll be able to easily access that same opportunity at a later date...

That probably means you won't have access to the opportunity at a later date.

Seize the opportunity NOW.

The word "opportunity" has a funny origin.

The current definition has all kinds of associations, blah blah.

You know... "When a fortuitous event presents itself to you."

But in the ETYMOLOGY of "opportunity" hides a secret:

Opportunity comes from the Ancient Latin "ob" + "port."

"Ob" means "toward" + "port" means "harbor (or sea port)."

So an opportunity, then, was originally ancient lingo that sailors used among themselves.

It was used to make note of a state that weather conditions AND the ship had to be in (at the same time) in order for the ship to be in a state of "opportunitas" - or, toward the port.

If the weather lines up a 'perfect' combination of wind, current, and tide... and the ship is pointing in the right direction because of the leadership of the captain & crew, then the ship is in a state of opportunitas, meaning it's heading toward its goal.

Opportunity is a rare & fleeting thing. 

Don't assume the same opportunity will rise again.

It's "Yes" or "No," Forever.

Assume every opportunity presented to you is the only time it will ever be presented to you.

Because believing that every condition will line up again, and you'll be ready to act again, in the near or distant future, is to hedge a bet on the vast uncertainty of time itself.

Instead - 

Seize all presented opportunities NOW.

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