Roswell: The U.F.O. Cover-Up (1994)

Roswell: The U.F.O. Cover-Up (1994)

Just watched this TV movie starring Kyle MacLachlan & Martin Sheen (he shows up riiiiiiight at the very end lol)… I’m in a big dreamy conspiracy mood, so Roswell’s right in that trip.

Besides, some may argue there’s a link between the Roswell UFO incident, the JFK assassination, and 9/11. It’s fun to think about.

Like intellectual junk food.

This film is especially interesting in 2018. Perhaps during the Roaring 90’s — the height of Art Bell’s popular Coast-to-Coast paranormal radio show — it was easy to think the real conspiracy is that the government is hiding information about aliens.

But as one grows & learns more about the world, and even investigates the UFO phenomenon for real, some unsettling truths start to emerge. The biggest obvious truth is that a small subsection of UFO witness accounts must be legitimate. Those that appear to be legitimate are likely witnessing something terrestrial, something human made…

Meaning: The UFO’s are coming from “inside the house.”

Something’s actually happening.

This has already been confirmed by the bombshell New York Times article of December 2017. It’s admitted through a variety of government officials & even unclassified video that, yes, some kind of unidentified advanced technology has been spotted in the sky throughout the decades, and nobody seems to know (or admit) where they’re coming from.

Also, we’ve since learned factions of the government have actively pushed disinformation regarding UFO’s in order to redirect public consciousness away from sensitive projects.

Anyway, what point am I trying to make? This one: Given all the new information we have about UFO’s & American perception management, it’s almost impossible for me to see a movie like 1994’s Roswell without assuming it’s state-sponsored propaganda.

I know I know, it sounds ridiculous. But check it…

First of all, the movie relies heavily on the symbol of the U.S. military.

I’m a filmmaker. Perhaps you are too (Hi!). So as you may already know, if you’re going to distribute mass media via television, theatrical distribution, or any other means that captures millions of eyeballs… If it deals with the U.S. military, an official from the U.S. military will inject themselves into the process early on. They help keep production budgets modest by providing military cooperation: using extras, uniforms, equipment, bases, etc. But they have to have a say in the depiction of the U.S. military in the film.

If your movie is overwhelmingly aggressive & unfavorable, you can still make the movie (in theory, this is a free country) but it’ll be without the support of the military (obv).

It looks to me like Roswell (1994) was made with the cooperation of the U.S. military. I have no proof nor could I find any information about it online. I’m sure if I pushed and did some investigative work I could figure it out… luckily I’m not a journalist, just a thinker-artist-man.

If you’re reading this & wanna pay me to write a thing, shoot me an e-mail!

But the film features expensive planes, shooting on bases, many military extras, and even a relatively favorable depiction of the military despite the parts where it gets controversial. Sure, some generals are shown as being brusk, even lying, to the public… But they’re doing it for national security, and they have our best interest in mind, etc etc etc…

Also, real military officials are being depicted in this film. And they’re being portrayed by big celebrities. And it was released on cable television.

Even without concrete information it seems unlikely the military would not have involved themselves at some point of this production. Feels like they did.

Second of all, the movie has two parts: the first half & the second half. The first half is a brilliant detailing of how the Roswell UFO incident first broke into American consciousness. It shows you how it was first discovered & dealt with from the eye-witness testimony of credible people, and news reports released immediately before the military shut down the story.

The first half of Roswell feels like you’re seeing the real Roswell UFO story first unfolding.

The second half of Roswell, however, deals with the rumor of alien bodies being recovered from the crash. Many of these witnesses are second & third hand accounts. These sequences do not unfold with the same intense veracity as the first half of the movie.

The way Martin Sheen only shows up at the end of the movie to deliver the “truth” about Roswell — which is that aliens from a nearby planet genetically-engineered humans; the government knows this; and the Roswell crash was extraterrestrial… It’s strange!

It feels like a mind fuck: baby-faced Martin Sheen automatically gains our trust (both for archetypal reasons and for past associations), slips into our subconscious, then “tells it like it is” aka persuading the viewers that, actually, the military did recover an alien UFO!

There’s something quite “sus” about this film… The movie gets redirected from real crash to mystic alien revelation. I feel like there’s a lot of truth in this movie, and a lot of lies.

The truth seems to be the accident itself. It looks like there was a real crash in Roswell, New Mexico — of an exotic flying vehicle not owned by the United States.

The falsehoods seem to be everything involving aliens. This movie is officially tapped to redirect all genuine suspicions away from the truth and toward fake-ass aliens.

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