How "Stranger Things" Was Pitched

Almost done watching 'Stranger Things.'

It's so fun, even though it's TV.

Easily could imagine the pitch:

NETFLIX SUIT: Okay let's hear it, Duffer.
DUFFER BROTHER: Well the show is basically... Um... [In his mind: "Wish I didn't spend the entire week on hallucinogens instead of working on my pitch"] Um, let's see it's... Twin Peaks meets... E.T. meets Back to the Future meets Alien meets The Goonies meets Poltergeist meets, oh I don't know... [looks around the room for more posters] ...Wes Craven meets Signs meets vaporwave soundtrack meets digital please stop my mouth from moving - 
NETFLIX SUIT: ...will there be boobies?
DUFFER BROTHER: Uh, sure. Yeah. We could do that. How about a highschool girl, somewhere in the middle of the seaso-
NETFLIX SUIT: [signing giant check] Who should we make this out to?
[both Duffers look at each other, quite pleased]

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