Another Shitty Filmmaker in the White House

Another Shitty Filmmaker in the White House

He is another wannabe filmmaker. 

His formal title is Assistant to the President and Director of Trade and Industrial Policy.

This brings the number up to FOUR in the Trump Administration.

Why is Donald Trump attracted to would be filmmakers?

There's a hint in The Art of the Deal:

After I graduated from New York Military Academy in 1964 I flirted briefly with the idea of attending film school at the University of Southern California. I was attracted to the glamour of the movies, and I admired guys like Sam Goldwyn, Darryl Zanuck, and most of all Louis B. Mayer, whom I considered great showmen. But in the end I decided real estate was a much better business.

Well this guy, Pete Navarro, made a documentary that's now on YouTube about China.

It's called: Death by China (2012).

It's interesting how the Nazi regime was filled with failed artists in the same way Trump's current administration is filled with failed filmmakers.

Must reflect the authoritarian leader's interest & reliance on spectacle, illusion, and celebrity.

To be drawn to such qualities probably means they were drawn to them earlier in life in a more innocent time. But because life corrupted these troubled people in irreparable ways, they harnessed the wonders of their creative energy into a destructive national spectacle.

Geez. Never thought this would happen in my lifetime.

It feels unstoppable.

I guess the lesson here is:

If you want to reach the president in the future, try making a sensationalist movie!

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