Top 10 Films of 2016

i guess if i had to make a top 5 movies of 2016 list-o-thing, it'd be:

1) weiner
2) rogue one
3) ghostbusters
4) deadpool
5) stranger things

which is crazy considering most of these are huge hollywood movies. but they all do a specific interesting... thing...

'weiner' was vivid & powerful doc filmmaking, yet it feels instrumental in tilting public perception in a major election in a bad way. so it's like :/

then 'rogue one' is about rebels fighting, essentially, space-fascism. but in a post-trump world, and made by disney, the whole thing is like :/ :/

then 'ghostbusters' had that whole anti-remake / anti-woman / pro-hillary thing which is super derp and yet it's objectively a good movie. it may've been the most avant-garde movie of the year. so, more :/ :/ :/

then 'deadpool.' the anti-superhero movie made by the people who bring you the superhero movies. wtf? and it works. double wtf.

finally, 'stranger things.' combines two normally annoying things (nostalgia porn and episodic storytelling) with such intensity that it actually makes a wonderful, pleasurable, dreamlike thing.

so in the year of alotta anti-establishment riff-raff, establishment media won this lil' guy's heart-n-mind.

very, very interesting.

bonus list of 5 obscure films influential on my movies this year:

6) mom and dad (1945) 
7) white wilderness (1958)
8) ken burns's 'baseball': episode 3: the faith of fifty million people (1993)
9) the greatest movie ever sold (2011)
10) trump rally (2016)

bonus series: the jinx (2015)

viva cinema. god is digital.

Top 10 Books Read in 2016

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