Trust Nobody

Trust Nobody

I may for a while just write a short string of observations based on various events that have happened, or are ongoing, in my life. I’m working out my thoughts not only for me, but for future me, and for you as well.

Here’s a big life lesson (especially during the Internet age) —

Trust nobody. Not even the people you love.

Here’s why: When you tell people your biggest fears, if that person ever feels like you’ve hurt them… one day, they will weaponize your greatest fear against you. It’s that simple.

Likewise: If you’re ever in a situation where somebody is making you feel like you can no longer trust them… Like, there’s something about this person (either in their eyes or in their behavior) that suggests they are trying to harm you or frame you or whatever other thing that makes you feel unsafe… Run!

Because in all likelihood, your greatest fear is about to come true.

This is a common thing I hear about in relationships.

People fall in love, but then they often fall out of love. When they fall in love it’s like a drug, and people say all kinds of things when they’re under the influence. But when things start to unravel, whoever has the most social power will wield whatever blackmail or knowledge they have about you, against you.

It’s a scary thought. And the way things are set up right now, especially in the United States judicial system, this blackmail can be wielded on anybody arbitrarily, at any time, simply to hurt the other person. One day they’re secrets, the other day they’re evidence submitted into a court of law.

There’s only one person in this world — and that’s yourself.

Never become dependent on anybody. Never tell anybody your biggest fears. Never tell anybody anything incriminating about you.

Trust nobody.

A friend of mine described a dream she had where in the future, a techno-dictatorship captures all of the private phone calls / text / messages of its citizenry, and uses this information randomly to bring down people the state perceives as threats.

So if you admit to a bizarre thought with a friend on the phone, for example, this dystopian government will capture that recording and use it against you in a court of law to prove you’re a horrible person. Or if you admit to doing something illegal via text message to a family member, this dystopian government will bust down your door and arrest you… but only if you’re not friendly to the power structure.

This is very similar to the idea of TRUST NOBODY.

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