Best 2019 Movies Seen, Thus Far

Best 2019 Movies Seen, Thus Far

I’ve been in a topsy-turvy situation for a bit, and so my media consumption habits have taken an unexpected turn. But now that almost two months have passed, I’ve noticed that I actually have watched quite a few things… And some were quite interesting.

This list is for nobody except myself, when I reference my favorite 2019 content later in the year.

Here’s my top 3 feature movies influencing me since 2019 started:

  1. Green Power Ranger: Story & Battles (1993-1995)

Clearly this is a ridiculous “movie” — as it’s not even really a movie, but an Internet mashup of a specific character’s appearance in a children’s show. The Green Power Ranger is like an archetypal wildcard character, which is an energy I’ve been vibing with lately. He’s an outsider to a clan; starts off evil; turns out to be good; has unique qualities about him the original Power Rangers don’t have (lol this is so ridiculous); and has an aura of mysteriousness.

Outside of these basic Jungian things, this is just fun dumb basic lights-and-colors-and-sounds blunt nostalgia spectacle to get super high to and giggle at for about an hour. It’s like cinematic fireworks that requires little genuine attention.

But when you do pay attention to it, you can see the business savvy by the production company Saban Entertainment. They basically “stole” (licensed) a Japanese kid’s show, and either dubbed in English dialogue or re-filmed the parts where the Ranger’s masks come off (with American actors). And just these little creative / commercial moves made the dude a billionaire. Hot!

2. Miami Vice (2006)

This movie is nothing like the television show. But it’s directed by the dude who created the original show. Sure, the main actors are doing a shtick in the style of the original series actors, but it’s also nothing like them. It’s just an off-kilter movie. It begins all sexy & in Miami, but very quickly turns into a Latin American / foreign exotic adventure thing. The cinematic choices (with the clunky digital cameras) just adds to the strange allure of this movie. It’s both high-end & low-end… much like Miami.

And for some reason, the entire movie sticks in the brain (even though it shouldn’t). What sticks isn’t so much specific scenes — even though the speed boat scene is unforgettable — but a vibe. Like Miami.

3. Initial D (2005)

This movie just straight up rules. It’s an actual good movie. I’ve been heavy into the spectacle of cars racing / drifting as this is a highly cinematic subject.

But most of these movies tend to be kind of machismo & dumb (even though the hyper quality of the cinematic spectacle remains — see: 2001’s The Fast & The Furious, for example).

I saw part 3 in that franchise, 2006’s Tokyo Drift, and suddenly became fixated on the idea of Japanese street racing movies. For some reason that feels like such a fuckin’ vibe that I wanna chill with it for quite a few hours. I want to be soaked in Japanese street racing cinema.

Initial D was the first movie that popped up on everybody’s list of Japanese street racing films… and I can see why. The spectacle of the cars, the scenery of night mountainous Japan, the story of the beloved underdog who’s naturally talented at something, how he goes up against cruel forces yet succeeds in the end… It’s just a universal story staged in a beautifully unique way.

My favorite part about the movie was later finding out it’s a live-action version of a popular manga / anime series… And how I simply didn’t give a fuck, because the movie stands on its own merit — like the racer.

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