The Island of Florida

“Among my services I have discovered at my own cost and expense, the Island of Florida, and others in its district."

- Juan Ponce de Leon, 1521

Currently researching the history of Florida for my invetigative-fuck_you-psychedelic documentary "MONDO MIAMI" and boi o boi lemme tell ya - America ain't what ya think it is!

At least, it's not what IIIIIIIIIIII think it is - and I've also done (relatively) extensive research into King George III and that whole thing (hint: America is a Liberal Nation. Easily can be proved.)

But getting back to Florida. The Western World's introduction to America was, get this, FLORIDA! And for about 300 years, America was, well... basically, Florida. There's maps showing America as "La Florida" because why the fuck not?

The idea was that Spain discovered this island. Juan Ponce de Leon called it "La Florida." But when Spain discovered that Florida wasn't an island, but a peninsula attached to a giant land mass, they just started expanding their declaration of ownership (makes entrepreneurial sense, honestly - it's the American thing to do: see, Louisiana Purchase).

So America was actually called "La Florida" for quite a long time.

It was only when those fucking pesky illegal immigrants - you know, the English and the French - started to fuck up the winning streak of the Renaissance Spanish that things started to get murky. 

More to come...

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