Spanish Florida: The First America

So I'm doing some nitty-gritty research to wrap up this dang documentary "MONDO MIAMI" and get it out of my life.

Started with pre-history, obviously, but now I'm at the era of the conquistadors...

Did you know America was actually called "La Florida" for about 200+ years?


That's basically the same age as official America.

La Florida was a Spanish dominated entrepreneurial-adventure way before the blahblahblah.

It was only when those pesky illegal immigrants from OTHER countries (wink wink wink wink) started to fuck up the winning streak of Renaissance Spain that things started to get murky...

So what exactly is Steve Bannon going on about?

Yet when you Google "European colonies in America" the think-box says JAMESTOWN in 1607 was the first colony. Why, cause it was British? Yo this information is making my brain melt.

What am I even going on about? What's real???

# Make America Spanish Again

America Begins & Ends in Florida, Apparently.

Our Society is Run by Insane People