What is a Mondo Movie?

What is a Mondo Movie?

And not those fucking posters everybody goes on about.

The origins of the actual real-deal tru-blu MONDO MOVIE from the 1960's gets explained in all its neurotic glory here>> CLICK THIS MUTHAFUCKIN' LINK!

Hear how the very first feature documentary also catalyzed the documentary sub-genre. 

"All documenatries are shockumentaries."

Hear how the documentary turned into its first exploitative form - THE EXOTIC EXPLOITATION PICTURE. 

From 1930's INGAGI ... 


1962's MONDO CANE!

Mondo Cane was an artistic echo of the exotic exploitation picture which itself was a cheap commodified version of the very first feature documentaries to ever be distributed through the major exhibitors.

And on and on and on and on! 

I made a video talking about this very topic! Don't click here unless you're interested in hearing an in-depth rant about the history of mondo movies.

Hear it! Don't hear it! Do it! Don't do it!


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