Giant (1956)


This is the best kind of long film: over three hours, in mirror'd halves incredibly distinct, distant poles of tone/imagery/behaviour relating to the other, yet the whole of an immersive poetic resonance ...  

James Dean's performance is mystic; it's science-fiction unto itself: a classic example of cinema at its purest, medium-specific, dramatic :: the capturing of rare and intense presence.

...because he was passionate, and passion holds sway over the universe... 

Lots of Texas; a woven texture of the state's founding act of violence over the native Mexicans,  lots of drawl, lots of cowboy hats :: the performing ensemble, — including a young Dennis Hopper with a significant role, acting almost as the virtuous neurotic visual counter-point to James Dean, — is equally brilliant; never did I desire to not see what was happening in front of me, nor wished to return once it was gone. Fellini-evoking Crowds :: large groups of synchronized people, characters composed, treated as cultural colour; swirling movement and motion...

Giant (1956) is the prototype of the television mini-series, so, dig it.


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