How Documentary Filmmaking Improves Confidence

Interestingly one of the benefits of the low-budget documentary format is its ability to shield you, the brilliant elusive director, from annoying exposure.

At least, at first.

No need to stand in front of the camera, no need to galvanize the crew, no need to do anything except observe the subject quietly, unobtrusively...

Well, while recording video.

This works wonders for the beginning auteur, who may not yet 100% believe in themselves.

I'm just filming.

The remarkable thing is over there.

Don't mind me.

However, by the end of the documentary, once you've seen the entire bloody thing through to its glorious final revision, you will find yourself to be - almost irresistibly - a different person.

This is the best kind of self-help for the 21st Century artist.

By virtue of the medium your conversation skills will improve.

Your body will be more fit.

Your mind, more agile.

Your personality more confident & nuanced.

By the time your first public screening rolls around, believe me, your fear of exposure will become a need for exposure; and that, my friend, is a beautiful thing.

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