How to be a Documentary Filmmaker Today

So you want to make a documentary film...

But you're too timid?

Lack money?

Lack opportunity?

Don't know anybody exciting, cool,

or anybody at all?

Well, lucky you, there's still a way!

Find a video camera - any!

I'm making a feature documentary with Flip Ultra HD's.

Then start reaching out to people you find interesting.

People you'd love to see a documentary about (preferably local).

Say you love their work and would love to film them for a documentary.

Out of 10 short to-the-point e-mails, you're bound to get one reply.

Make sure they sign an appearance release before you start shooting!

Now, start recording.

Record everything you can.

How they wake up.

How they eat breakfast.

How they get ready for work.

How they go to work.

How they work.

How they take breaks.

How they lunch.

How they interact with others (be sure they give you permission to film them on camera also).

How they leave work.

How they get home.

How they make dinner.

How they relax. 

How they fall asleep.




You're a documentary filmmaker.

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