Watch Movies Everyday

You're an artist.

What a glorious thing to be.

To make art everyday - and ship it to an audience.

So people can connect & grow with the art we make.

And we grow as people in the process, as well.

But you know it doesn't end there. Because you have great taste.

Isn't that why you're an artist in the first place?

Because you have amazing, peculiar taste.

And so comes the second step: watching movies everyday.


To watch a movie everyday is not a luxury.

And it's not research.

It's the focusing in on our passions.

It's meditation.

It's our lives.

And yes, it's research.

And yes, it's a luxury.

Life should be luxurious.

When you watch a movie everyday, your sharpen your taste.

Your palette becomes sophisticated.

You get to see what works, what doesn't work, what you'd like to try, what you'd do differently.

Your mind expands at the possibilities journeyed by other filmmakers.

You become a deeper authority on the subject.

When you're editing or shooting, you will find yourself (either consciously or subconsciously) re-appropriating the ideas, images, rhythms, scenes, characters from these other movies.

This is one way to mold your brain into a movie-idea generating machine

Oh, and we love movies.

They're fun to watch.

It's the global pastime.

To become a fan once a day is humbling, and reminds us why we're doing the great work in the first place - the great work of entertaining, influencing, & changing lives.

If you watch art everyday

& make art everyday...

You're an artist.

The Definition of an Artist

Make Art Everyday