Always be Rolling

While filming in Wynwood, a friend helped record audio with my Zoom H1 audio recorder. 

I noticed he kept fumbling with the recorder.

On, off, on, off, on, off.

Later he said he did this to preserve battery power, and to have the "action" of the scene begin right when the recording starts...

Well, I recorded this one interview with a guy where he was rapping in Arabic next to Panther Coffee on NW 2nd Ave. It was a rad spontaneous moment.

Anyway the sound never got recorded.

To my surprise, when I checked later that day, the file was simply not on the H1 recorder.

There was only a two second file of the guy starting to rap.

Then it cuts off.

Turns out my friend didn't record the entire track because of his fumbling on/off/on/off during that set of interviews.

He thought he was recording (because he could hear sound in the headphones) but the recorder wasn't capturing the sound.


Anyway, it's my fault for not being more on top of that situation on set.

And it's really not a big deal.

There's an infinity of cool shit in the world.

But there's a lesson from the goof:

There's no need to cut.

Always be rolling.

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