Recording Audio After the Interview is Over

I recorded some amazing sound bites while interviewing a veteran of the Iraq War. 

But I wish I could've done a little more.

For example, he had on a lav mic while I monitored & filmed from behind a tripod.

I didn't push the questions as much as I would have liked, being sensitive to issues of PTSD & trauma, but we still explored many areas of combat life which were fascinating.

After the interview (right after I cut the audio), he began to discuss the things I wished I had pushed for on camera - specifically, what it's like to kill someone.

I fumbled my fingers to secretly click record on my mixer while still trying to maintain eye-contact and listen to him, but by the time I managed it the conversation was over and he was asking me to un-mic him.

Seeing as how he needed to go somewhere, I tossed the thought and thanked him for his time.

So what's the lesson here?

There's really no need to ever cut recording the audio.

If you're concerned about saving space, then it might be wise to purchase larger data cards, or a cheap back-up camera, specifically for these occasions.

There's no need to cut sound.

No need to cut video.

Let it roll, baby.

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