How to Edit a Documentary Fast

If you're on a tight deadline, and need to edit a documentary fast, here's how to do it:

Prioritize logging any & all interviews. 

Anytime someone is explaining what's going on or talking to camera, watch it thoroughly.

A good trick is to look at the audio waveforms to find where people are talking in the footage.

This is where you'll find the skeleton for your story.

THEN scrub through the rest of the footage to find what's most relevant to illustrating the interview.

Don't worry about "missing out" on hidden gem footage.

Time is of the essence.

You sacrifice detail for speed, and that's okay.

What we're aiming for is an overall effect.

Scrub through the footage, find just enough video to illustrate what the interview is talking about, and enough 'documentary moments' to space out the interviews, and bada-bing. 

You have a quickly-edited documentary.

And above all - try to stay organized.

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Continuously Logging