Patience @ Calle Ocho

The best scene I shot at the Calle Ocho Festival resulted from patience.

I arrived at the event around Noon, and captured the best stuff around sunset.

So for around 6 hours I roamed crowded 8th Street.

I saw drunk homeless men, throngs of people wrapped in Latin flags, street peddlers, family-run food vendors, and more.

You know shit's getting real Cuban when Andy Garcia whips out the bongos. 

I became super tanned and definitely ate my share of pan con lechons for the year.

Fun for the whole family, etc.

But at one point I thought about leaving.

The sky started to turn grey, my feet started to hurt, my hunger was holding me back, and things were getting a bit sweaty.

To the right was the direction toward the bus - to the left was back into the festival.

While hiding under the roof of a mini-mart, hugging the wall to avoid the potential downpour, I realized - who cares?

What difference does it make if it rains?

If it rains, I'll film the commotion.

And if I was so hungry, I should grab a snack!

I was only surrounded by delicious, inexpensive food.  

After all, I did come all the way down here to film.

No point in leaving now.

So I took a deep breath, recognized the temporary discomfort, ate a delicious meal for $3, gulped my water, wiped my lenses, stretched a bit, then journeyed on...

Minutes later, I stumbled on hundreds of people in a circle clogging the street. 

In the middle of the circle was the craziest bunch of characters I've ever filmed.

It pays to be patient.


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