The Fear of Integration

Maybe you have it, maybe you don't.

If you're walking around a busy downtown street at night on the weekend, and stumble on a group of people screaming at each other... you stay back & film from afar, or do you get as close to them as you can?

The former is safer, the latter is riskier.

If you did the latter, what's the worst that could happen?

Perhaps you get punched in the face.

That might be okay, though, so long as you're filming.

This fear is often attributed to an evolutionary survival mechanism that arose from living in tribal communities of less than 50 people.

We lived for thousands of years in fear of doing or saying the wrong thing which could lead us to exile, denial of procreation, or instant death.

Everybody still has this fear on some level.

But you can get over it.

The fear of integrating into a wild documentary situation is natural.

And if you have it, you can desensitize yourself by simply reminding yourself it's only a maladaptive instinct. It's not a real feeling. It's a psychological misfire.

Dive into the scene.

Film everything.

Get close.

Be bold.

Research the Subject

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