Show Your Work

"It's tempting to sit in the corner and then, voila, to amaze us all with your perfect answer.

But of course, that's not what ever works. 

What works is evolving in public, with the team.

Showing your work.

Thinking out loud.

Failing on the way to succeeding, imperfecting
on your way to better than good enough."

- Seth Godin

You accumulate a mass of footage while shooting a documentary.

What do you do with it?

With "Dead Meat," many of the events I filmed were whittled down to 1-2 minute scenes... and yet there was an average of 2-3 hours of footage captured.

The idea of the quick-and-dirty feature film is exciting.

And on the Internet's social media, marketing a bizarre niche movie experience has become relatively easy and inexpensive (especially if you already have a following).

So I've started turning much of my unused footage into separate features.

Take for example: Outside Ultra: A Vérité Film (2016).

This resulted from going through dailies and creating a 40 minute best-of timeline (from 3 hours of footage).

I realized this would make a pretty cool stand alone film... so with a few minor edits, and quickly sketching an accompanying promotional image - VOILA!

A new feature film's born.

So long as it's better than Godard's worst film, then it's worthy of sharing.

The benefits of sharing are obvious: more people see your work, hear about you, you reach new niche markets, you practice self-promotion, and build an emotional resilience to public artistry and criticism.

And I definitely hesitated to share it.

There's always the little voice inside my head trying to sabotage any proliferation of new material based on some kind of irrational ancient fear.

Like I'll be clubbed over the head for speaking out too loudly.

The exercise, I believe, is to become stronger than the little voice of fear.

Because the important thing to do, as an artist, is to show your work.

"The purpose isn't to please the critics.

The purpose is to make your work better. 

Polish with your peers, your true fans, the market.

Because when we polish together,
we make better work."

- Seth Godin

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