Land of the Fee (Home of the Waive)

You're a documentary filmmaker.

That means, you're cool.

It's pretty simple: filmmakers are cool.

You're a filmmaker.

You're cool.

So why not get some free shit?

The next time you film an event, and there's a ticket price, ask if you could get your fee waived.

Ask to speak to whomever can do this.

Say the movie will play in theaters, or to a giant audience of people.

Mention the free publicity they'll get; quickly think up a tangible benefit for them.

I mean, why not ask?

The worst they say is no -

Well, actually, the worse they say is "Filmmakers aren't allowed here."

And then they kick you out.

It might be to your interest to film the entire process of asking if the fee could be waived, because that way if they kick you out at least you have an interesting scene.

The point is: If you go to an event for filming and there's any fees involved: Tell whoever's in charge you're a filmmaker. Ask for the fees to be waived.

Most people will say, "No."

But some - more than if you had never asked - will say, "Sure!"

And you never know what else may come of it...

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