Character Identification and You

Entertainment has been described - quite psychedelically - in a recent study as:

"a process that involves the exploration of relationships through simulations that permit individuals to identify with substitute agents and thus create the subjective experience of relationships."

Identification with characters, and enjoyment, are inextricably linked.

Studies show it, but your own memories show it also.

Think of the fictional characters you admired during your childhood, and the way you modeled your behavior after them.

Or the celebrities you look up to today.

It's not so much them as a real person you mirror, but a perceived character in the media.

You are a character, too.

Embody a public stereotype.

Be someone people want to identify with.

This quality can be manufactured.

Think Larry the Cable Guy.

Think Marilyn Monroe.

People want to identify with icons.

So give them an icon.

You'll be fulfilling the constant market demand for icons.

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