The Fear of the Celebrity Interview

The Fear of the Celebrity Interview

I'm an hour away from meeting a director I admire.

We've met before but through sheer will I contacted him again, and now we're about to meet for lunch.

He's a straight-shooting mid-century guy.

He's from the Southern exploitation film circuit during the Sixties.

He's been around the block and can spot insincerity a mile away.

And during the course of the lunch, I'm going to ask him for an interview for my documentary.

Why didn't I just ask him upfront?

Not exactly sure.

Because I'm weird? Because I'm secretly insecure?

I figure a connection, or at least free lunch, would make my request feel possible.

And if he doesn't agree to the interview, at least I shared an experience with one of my favorite directors.

The point is - This can get intimidating.

You're going to lock eyes with some serious people.

It's your will meeting theirs.

Will you be able to succeed when this happens?

The point is - This is how the good movies get made.

Remember: Your movie is on the other side of the line of your discomfort.

Pain is temporary. Triumph is forever.

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