The Joy of the Celebrity Interview

Nailed it.

Just filmed an exclusive interview with a legendary filmmaker.

It's always amazing when you visualize an outcome, and miraculously, it happens. It feels amazing.

Now suddenly everyone around me thinks my documentary MIGHT be commercially viable.

And, in my opinion, it's the most interesting, informative, and obscure interview this person has ever given.

It looks great, it sounds great (even though it's filmed on a Flip UltraHD and my Zoom H1) - and even though much of what he talked about will not end up in the final movie, the words themselves have already radically transformed the way I think.

This is the joy of the celebrity interview.

I think the lessons here is: Be bold.

Embrace the pain of asking and persistence - because the pain is temporary, and glory is forever.

So, how'd I do it?

How to Get an Exclusive Celebrity Interview

The Fear of the Celebrity Interview

The Fear of the Celebrity Interview