The Advertising Budget


What does that have to do with filmmaking?


Your movie is only as influential as its ability to spread.

If nobody knows about what you're doing, it doesn't exist.

Here's a good general rule:

Your advertising budget should be double your budget.

If everything is well executed, you should realistically profit 50% of your total budget.

This formula is based on historical trends.

So if you're making a movie for $1,000, expect to spend an extra $2,000 in advertising in order to gross approximately $4,500.

However, if you spend only $1,000 to make the movie, you will be hard-pressed to make back a dime.

Or if someone gives you a set amount, say $10,000, to make a movie, then consider spending about $3,000 on production, and the rest on promotion.

Because advertising the movie is the movie.

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