Advice from Ed Wood

"I guess the gods of luck have shined on me over the years. I have never made a film or been associated
with a film that has not gone into release,
generally with a major distributor."
- Ed Wood

Are you a better filmmaker than Ed Wood?

A movie only becomes a movie when it's distributed.

Unless you consider the distribution of the film early on, you will be embarking on an expensive, time-consuming, potentially heart-breaking endeavour.

And the only success you will gain will be from the experience of making the movie: the people you meet, the stories you create, the adventures adventured.

But since the movie is available on no official platform, the real success will only be half-way.

The reason is simple: movies are made to be seen, and thus, make money.

If you can't do those two things nobody will take you seriously.

Luckily there's so many avenues to pursue: major distribution, independent distribution, streaming, etc.

Are you a better filmmaker than Ed Wood?

If your movie is not distributed, the answer is no.

The moment your movie gets a distributor - any distributor - the answer is yes!

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