The Adventure

Live for the adventure.

Be Truman Burbank from The Truman Show.

Push yourself into uncomfortable territory to generate an interesting life around you.

This creates the best footage and, as a wonderful aside, the more fulfilling life.

(Hence my theory "The Better the Art the Better the Person.")

Audiences envy the experience of adventure on screen.

Create adventure, create great cinema.

So do it for the adventure, too.

Or do it primarily for the adventure.

To journey somewhere bizarre with a friend, with a backpack filled with tiny cameras, a tiny audio recorder, and a folder with appearance releases, is a beautiful thing.

And don't worry about success in the moment, or doing things right.

The most important thing is throwing yourself directly into the fire.

Character doesn't come from accurate solutions, but from the TENACITY of putting yourself into difficult situations.

Be Flexible

Advice from Ed Wood