Be Flexible

So I spontaneously decide to check my e-mail's spam folder, and lo and behold!

A message from The Venus Project.

My interview with 100 year old futurist Jacque Fresco was greenlit.

I researched in the days following and wrote two pages of questions.

I had an idea for what I'd like to accomplish with the interview, and watched about an hour of his unedited interviews that were online, so I generally anticipated what to expect.

But once we made the 2 hour drive to Venus, FL, we discovered that a 100 year old man is in far worse shape than a 95 year old man.

He was nearly deaf, and required the questions to be shouted at him.

And he would go off on tangents and get glassy eyed and no longer want to go further with the question.

Fearing that the interview may be a form of cruel exploitation, I decided - before rolling the cameras - to slim down my questions: so from two pages, they were turned into 10 key questions.

As he answered something which I felt crossed over with some of my other questions, I eliminated those to lighten the workload.

Finally, after a half hour, I asked my usual question, "Anything you would like to add?"

And he gave a glorious response.

We thanked everybody profusely and excused ourselves.

From there we interviewed everyone else in The Venus Project, which I didn't necessarily intend to do when I established the interview.

But with the new direction everything was headed, I figured this was worth documenting.

So I did an interview with his partner, Roxanne Meadows, and followed around their on-site volunteer - a tall Slovenian mid-20's guy named Sascha - as he opened up futuristic-house after futuristic-house so we could film Jacque's world.

And everything we filmed was mint.

The key to our success that day was our flexibility.

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