Pudovkin on Editing

"To the film director each shot of the finished film subserves the same purpose as the word to the poet...

The expression that the film is 'shot' is entirely false, and should disappear from the language.

The film is not shot, but built, built up from the separate strips of celluloid that are its raw material...

Only in conjunction with other words, set in the frame of a complex form, does art endow it with life and reality."

Movies are an object.

They are made up of moving images & synchronized sound.

It takes shape from the arrangement of small pieces of moving images and sounds.

This idea has many practical applications - perhaps too many to state.

For example: A shot may have no meaning on its own, or a certain obvious meaning.

But placed next to another shot, or preceding a particular scene, suddenly that same shot is "colored" differently: it may now mean its exact opposite.

Sounds, also, could radically alter the meaning of a scene.

Movies, then, are magically built through editing.


Destruction / Creation