Of Equal or Greater Value

All humans have a natural tendency for wishful thinking.

If we're going to succeed in movie making industry, we have to ask ourselves the right questions first - and not assume people will love the things we love in the way we love them.

I've seen talented filmmakers quit because they assumed popular culture would respond to their works with enthusiasm, when what they were offering was little except ego-stroking amateur cinema reeking with desperation - and so they give up out of frustration.

Before you begin ask yourself some key questions:

Will your movie be of equal or greater value than the purchase price?

Even if a movie is "free," it will cost the viewer their time.

It should at least be worth a stranger's time.

Will your movie shock a subsection of culture?

Will your movie alter the way people think about the subject?

Will your movie alter the way people make daily use of the subject?

Will your move rework a familiar story?

Or will it introduce a new story?

You will be rewarded for your movie's relative social value, not for your hard work or determination.

Play Dumb

Be Obsessed