Survivor's Dilemma

Remember that reality show, "Survivor"?

As a kid I watched the first season on TV as it aired.

I must have watched a behind-the-scenes promotional video or something interviewing a member of the crew. 

They mentioned how hard it was to watch some of the events unfold (like drowning during a game, starving at night, or being attacked by a wild hog) without directly intervening.

This is "Survivor's Dilemma."

It's when you're documenting a subject and suddenly get the urge to intervene - either to help or prevent something from happening.

It happens to me all the time.

Just recently, I was filming a pregnant woman assembling raffle baskets.

She had to bend down constantly to pick up dropped items, or carry these heavy baskets only to get nauseous from the exertion.

Being the social justice lad I am, my gut reaction is to step in and help.

But that doesn't make the better movie in the long run (at least not in this case).

And the truth is, we wouldn't have been there that day anyway.

These are situations she would have had to dealt with regardless of our presence.

We're just there to film what naturally would have occurred anyway.

I know, I know.

It's morally ambiguous.

That's why it's an ongoing dilemma.


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