Filming Wide From Behind

A good trick is filming a scene wide, and from behind the subject.

This trick helps the cinematographer & editor.

Let's say you're covering a scene and people are talking back-and-forth.

There's tons of variables, and who knows what you're going to use in the end.

Unanticipated hiccups may prevent you from editing a coherent scene.

However, if you have a shot filmed from behind the subjects, and it's wide, you can stick that piece of footage anywhere in the scene.

The fact you can't see their mouths means you can place any piece of dialogue in there.

The fact it's wide prevents the audience from noticing large continuity errors or mis-dubs.

The fact it's a wide means you get a sense of relief while adding establishing information.

The fact it's from behind means it can really go anywhere in the scene.

It's just a little trick to put in your back pocket the next time you film.

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