First Principles

A great way to avoid or mitigate a crisis during a movie's production is to have a firm footing on your first principles - i.e.: the core values of you & your movie.

Why am I making this movie?

What got me excited about it originally?

What resources do I have available?

Who is this movie for?

What is the purpose of my movie?

How will I monetize this movie?

Most movies fail.

They fail in different ways:

They aren't started.

Aren't finished.

Run out of money.

Crew drama.

Footage stolen.

Hardware breaks.

Unfinished edits.

Poor sound.

Loss of enthusiasm.

Or, worse of all, nobody cares about your movie.

Assume you're wrong about everything from the moment your feet hit the ground running.

Assume you're going to fail.

Because you probably will.

So when an actor doesn't show up, or your footage is corrupted, or you have to make a quick decision, whatever it is, you can get in touch with your first principles, ask yourself the appropriate questions, and adapt to the situation with ease.

Most filmmakers fail 80% of the time.

You want to be in that other 20%.

And you do that by keeping in mind your first principles.

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