Working Out

"A sound mind in a sound body, is a short, but full description of a happy state in this world."

-  John Locke

In order to schlep gear, go long hours, and zen-fully accept rejection... working out must be part of your daily habit.

Only a small amount is needed: some studies show as little as five minutes a day is all that's needed to begin making major changes in your life.

Personally I spend about thirty minutes a day, 4-5 days a week.

I used to vehemently loathe the topics of health and nutrition... until one day I realized I was only 25 years old and already feeling achy after long editing sessions.

After exercising habitually for several years, I actually feel weird on the days I don't.

It helps me maintain a battery of energy at all times.

It feels like a wave of good-feelings are always within reach.

When I pushed myself at the expense of my health - thinking I was "saving time" by not working out and eating at fast food places - I was actually getting less done.

I was incapable of doing work for a substantial part of the day because I felt sore, tired, and unfocused by mid-day.

But now that I work out, even though it takes about forty five minutes to stretch, workout, and shower, I get a "second wind of energy."

I can now edit for longer, or shoot for more hours.

Exercise also helps improve your focus.

It's helped my focus dramatically, making it easier to go from activity to activity.

It helps you handle stress (and filmmaking, on some fundamental level, is the art of stress management).

And exercising keeps you in touch with what's important in life.

This is it.

Your one life.

Is your movie actually more important than you?

Sound work shines from a sound body and mind.

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