We are saturated with media.

In order to succeed as a filmmaker on the Internet, you must actively create a demand for your movies.

Nobody is going to tap you on the shoulder and make you rich and/or famous.

If you want it, you’re going to have to take it.


You must keep in constant touch, through advertising and propaganda, with the public to guarantee a steady stream of money into your art factory.

Propaganda is just a sexy way of saying “The ability to communicate and spread your idea to many people.”

The world derives from “propagate” which means “to flourish.”

Propaganda is an art, and one that’s vital to the success of an artist.

Remember Kony 2012?

Within a day it was the most talked about and seen video on the website.

Millions of people watched and shared Kony 2012Pretty impressive.

All of this happened due, in large part, to the filmmaker’s propaganda campaign — and NOT because of the quality of the film.

Quality is always important, but that's not what incited the fervor.

They created a loyal social media following in the years prior to the release of the video; they created symbols and merchandise to go along with the documentary; an irresistible social mission for the viewers to rally around was offered; and the video was structured like a sales pitch, with a call-to-action at the end to purchase an “Action Kit.”

Regardless what you may think of the movie, this is a solid blueprint.

People must be interested in what you’re doing in order for it to have any impact – or at least to make its money back. 

This is accomplished through propaganda.

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