The Public & Private Self

"Great men, even during their lifetime, are usually known to the public only through a fictitious personality...

Royal personages are, of course, constructed personalities.

Whether they themselves believe in their public character [or not], there are at least two distinct selves: the public regal self // the private human." 

- Walter Lippmann, Public Opinion

The #1 persuasion tactic you have is your PERSONALITY.

Revise your public persona to be charismatic to a group of people, in the way you would revise one of your own movies.

The most important thing you have as an artist is a likeable, vivid persona equipped with persuasion & sales skills.

This explains why some filmmakers "make it," and why some don’t.

It also explains how bad movies get made.

You’re sitting there thinking, “How did this movie get made??

I could’ve used that budget and made something a thousand times better!”


But the producers liked being around the other filmmaker.


The other filmmaker had a persona they could sell.

The part people don’t talk about publicly (and you’ll see why in a minute) – information you can only find in this blog – is that this “persona” or “brand” is a construct.

Meaning, it's not you.

A public persona is a costume.

You still retain your inner private world.

Nobody can disturb your authentic self because nobody has access to it. 

When people criticize your public persona, they're not mad at you.

They're mad a costume.

Likewise, when people praise you, they're praising something you've created.

This is part of the job.

It’s like making a movie out of real life.

You create this public persona.

It’s not the real you.

It’s a construction that pushes people’s buttons.

No celebrity is a celebrity to their spouse, because the spouse knows they’re not really like that.

It’s not being “fake,” it’s not “selling out,” and it’s not because you have a “big ego” or “think too highly of yourself.”


The Public Self
The Private Self

This is an essential part of filmmaking.

Logically, success is nearly impossible without a vivid public persona that fulfills people’s need to worship icons & entertain specific social stereotypes.

Every filmmaker you love has done this.

Why wouldn’t you?

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