Filmmaking Myth #1: “I’m just a kid making movies. Nobody’s going to take me seriously.”

And Marc Zuckerberg was just a kid with a computer.

Nobody took Walt Disney seriously until after multiple successes.

And nobody is going to tap you on the shoulder and make you a legend.

You’re going to have to take it.

This is true if you’re eight years old, eighteen, or eighty.


Everything starts with the self.

Immediately accept right-here right-now that you’re an artist.

You’re serious about you work.

You are dedicated to making major movies; to entertaining large groups of people; and to making money, so you can keep doing it forever.

If you need permission from someone, then here – bomp – I knight thee, Artist.


Read a book every day.

Watching a movie every day.

Think about your movies every day.

Day dream schemes to make money from your movies.

Make friends with people who are into journalism, web design, law, business, or accounting.

Embed yourself in a collective of local artists.

Get in the habit of striking deals: make everything a deal, and get everything in writing.

Buy a suit.

Create a business card.

Tell people with confidence, “I make movies.”

Filmmaking Myth #2: “I don’t care about the money.”

What I Would Teach 18 Year Old Filmmaker Me