Filmmaking Economic Model (2 of 4) THE INDIE ARTIST

An independent artist commercializes their work independently, to create cash flow directly into their bank account. They are the producer and distributor.

Under this model, there is no patron.

Nobody is paying for the filmmaker to live.

It’s up to the artist to make a living for themselves.

Because the artist does not have an outside job, they must generate a certain amount of money to pay for their living expenses.

This means their movies must enter the marketplace.

People who buy things do it because they feel it benefits them.

When a movie enters the market, it’s automatically held to the standard of someone else’s self-gratification.

“What will this movie do for me?” the stranger asks.

The movie is now restrained by the rules of popularity.

Certain truths must be accepted.

Some of these include,

“What movie can I make that people will pay to see?”

 “What new technology or trend can I jump on?”

 “How can I recreate what's worked in the past?”

 “What can I make that will help other people?”

 “How can I turn this into a franchise?”

“How can I shape this into a vivid product?

 “What’s the profitable way of distributing this movie?”


In order for the independent artist to make a continuous income, they must quickly & constantly deliver movie products that audiences enjoy consuming.

This is the model we're focused on.

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