Filmmaking Myth #2: "I don't care about money." Solutions & Actions

Not caring about money doesn't mean money doesn't care about you.

Money is the ether that surrounds us.

It's the life force of American society.

It's the life force of the global economy.

Without money, nothing gets accomplished, nothing moves.

So thinking "I don't care about money" is dangerous to your long-term success.


Pick an economic model that sounds right to you.

And stick to it.

Follow it all the way.


Want to bring back the Renaissance model of patronage?

Then make cool attention-grabbing art.

Target a group of affluent socialites.

Practice your charisma and publicity skills.

Read about historical patronage and follow suit. 

Build trust with many potential patrons, give impressive original artworks to potential patrons, suggest the idea of patronage to all candidates.

Think you're more of an independent spirit but don't want to focus on patronage?

Then start a movie business.

Read about business, study the local, national, and global movie industry.

Keep your instincts open for movie products people need, then supply them.

Start small and local, then organically grow as you become more successful.

Listen to what people want and do it better than the competition.

Think all of this money stuff compromises the integrity of art?

Are you at a point where access to other models are not available?

Then find a 9-5 job and create off hours.

Perhaps someone will discover your work and catapult you into stardom (at which point you fall into one of the other economic models).

Filmmaking Myth #3: “I hate people.”

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