Technical Innovation

Technical innovation is at the heart of movie history.

"Steamboat Willie"

"Star Wars"

"Jurassic Park"

"The Blair Witch Project"  

The success of these movies lies in the heart of their technical innovations.

What is the relationship between movies and technical innovation?

It's the aesthetization of self-evident novel experiences.

In other words, no explanation is required to be tickled by a whistling animated Mickey Mouse - especially during a time when that had never been attempted before.

The same could be said for computer-animated dinosaurs.

Or an effective horror film created entirely with consumer cameras.

There is a thrill & joy from watching technology leap on screen that needs no explanation.

This self-evident aesthetic experience lends itself very naturally to cinematic entertainment.

That's why we still see technological innovations as central to Hollywood films.

Is there something you can add, or even subtract, from your film to make it technologically innovative?

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What do ALL movies need to succeed?